Conundrum Wheel

// Published 9/15/2015 
// mobile logic game for android
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Conundrum Wheel / Numero

Brand new logical game for smartphones with an original mechanism. Try to find the solution and solve this puzzle.Your goal is to rearrange the colors or numbers to the correct position using the wheels.


You can use two moves with the wheels:

1. Select one of the three wheels and rotate them using green arrows. Color will move with the wheel.


2. Press the center of the wheel andmove your finger to target direction. Colors will change their order in a line.

Your goal is to rearange the colors or numbers to the correct position which is determined by the mode type.

4 different MODS:

CLASSIC easy way to start
MULTICOLOR tough challenge
NUMERIC every number has its place


INVISIBLE PUZZLE There’s nothing

Check HowToPlay before you start playing!