About me

My real name is Jan Pancíř, I am 19 and I have recently finished secondary education on Gymnázium Boženy Němcové in Hradec Králové.

My whole life hobby is gaming and everything what is associated with it.

When I was a kid I made many board games. My first computer game was Hercules and it was something incredible. When I heard that I can make my own computer game I was so excited. I had to try it, so I started learning Game Maker, it is probably the easiest way to start – especially when you are 10 years old :-). After few years I made some tutorials about it, which gave me many interesting experiences. After that I want to learn a „pro“ language so I learned Pascal – also one of the best languages to start with. After that C++, which has a lot common with GML (Game Maker Language). And now I try to learn Python, which is so popular in gaming industry.